General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Registration – Booking – Terms of payment

Clicking on the button “Order with costs” represents a legally binding declaration of intent which, together with the course confirmation by the language school Sprachschule aktiv Bremen, represents a contract of service.
This applies to all types of courses, especially group, private and company courses. Apart from the online registration, this can also be done in writing by means of a signed registration form. In this case, the contract is concluded by the signed registration form and the subsequent course confirmation. The customer hereby agrees to the electronic sending of invoices and reminders by the language school. If incorrect postal addresses are given, the language school reserves the right to use the address determination services.
The customer must fulfill the obligation of payment following the contract within 14 days after invoicing. If the start of the course is within the fourteen-day period, the customer must pay the course fee at the latest at the start of the course. Non-participation in all courses, in particular group, private or company courses, has no influence on the effectiveness of the contract and thus not on the obligation to pay. It persists in full even if the course is only partially attended. If the payment deadline of 14 days after invoicing is not kept, the language school Sprachschule aktiv reserves the right to engage a collection partner

Euronord Inkasso GmbH & Co. KG, Lüner Weg 19, 21337 Lüneburg.

The customer can only book a language course at Sprachschule aktiv Bremen for a certain period or a pre-defined number of lessons. Sprachschule aktiv Bremen does not guarantee in any course that it will reach a certain defined level threshold. It only gives the option of acquiring course lessons but not language levels.

Basic Conditions
One teaching unit (TU) lasts 45 minutes. There is no entitlement to a specific teacher on the part of the course participants. The language school reserves the right to exchange or replace a teacher during the course. The courses contain a thorough preparation for internal and external exams. However, the school does not guarantee the passing of any possible tests. The school lessons are suspended on public holidays. There are no replacement dates for this. The customer has no pro-rata refund claim from the lost hours. If the level of a course participant deviates from the actual level of the course, then the language school has the right to place the student into a course which corresponds to the de facto abilities of the participant. The basis for the determination of the level is based on a qualified placement test.

The customer has no legal claims from this process, above all a reduction of the course fee or a special right of termination are excluded. All prices and course fees of the language school are shown without value added tax, as this is recognized as an educational institution and as such is exempt from VAT by the local authorities. The language school does not arrange accommodation or host families.

Right of withdrawal from the contract
You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the day the contract is concluded. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send us a letter (either by email to or by mail to Sprachschule aktiv Bremen, Pieperstraße 1-3, 28195 Bremen) with a clear statement of your decision to revoke this contract. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your notification of exercising your right of cancellation before the cancellation period has expired.

Consequences of contract revocation:
If you revoke this contract, we have to repay all payments we have received from you immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which we received the notification of your revocation of this contract. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; under no circumstances will you be charged any fees for this repayment. If you have requested that the services should start during the cancellation period, you have to pay us a reasonable amount, which is the proportion of the services already rendered in the service up to the point in time at which you inform us of the exercise of the right of cancellation with regard to this contract. This compares to the total scope of the services provided in the contract.

Withdrawal from the contract in case of registration in office
Under German civil law, the fourteen-day right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts concluded within business premises. In the case of a language course booking, which actively took place in the premises of the language school in Bremen by a signed registration form, there is no right of revocation. If a student cannot attend one or more lesson dates, he / she will not be entitled to any other date or to a partial refund of the course fee. The change of a teacher does not entail a claim for reimbursement or a special right of termination. In the case of early termination of the language course and a previously agreed installment payment, it will lose its validity and all installments are due immediately.

The intensive courses take place daily from Monday to Thursday / Friday from 09:00 to 12:10 o’clock according to the timetable of the language school. With a maximum of 5 participants the lessons take place 4 times a week, with 6 participants and more the lessons take place 5 times a week. If operational or organizational circumstances require it, the start time of the course may be brought forward by up to one hour (08:00) or delayed by up to two and a half hours (11:30).

Trial class in private and couple classes (except in-company courses)
Prior to purchasing private or couple course lessons, there is the option of booking a 45-minute trial lesson, which will be free of charge if the client does not like it but will otherwise be attached to the remainder of the booking. In the case of a continuation of the course, the trial lesson will be added to the booked quota. Absence of the trial lesson or late cancellation leads to an invoice of € 42.00, -. If the trial class is not booked within three weeks, it will be treated as absence. In-company courses for individuals are exempt from a trial lesson. A 24-hours right of cancellation after the first lesson is in place for them.

Visa courses (German Intensive Courses)
For language courses aimed at issuing a visa (visa courses), the following additional conditions and stipulations apply. After issuing the course confirmation on presentation of the passport, there is an obligation to make an application for the visa in the German Embassy. An appointment confirmation must be sent to the language school within eight weeks. If this is not the case, the language school will actively inform the local immigration office about a possible visa abuse. In case of a cancellation of the visa, the deposit will be refunded in full to the customer, minus a
€100 processing fee. Prerequisite for this refund is the submission of the corresponding rejection notice from the embassy or the local immigration office.
If the planned start of the course cannot be met due to a non-timely issuing of the visa, the course start can be postponed for up to three months at no extra cost. If a second postponement of the course has been requested a fee of € 50,- applies. The language course compulsory attendance. Students who are absent for two or more consecutive course days without being formally excused are actively reported by the language school as absent from the German course with the immigration authorities. This also applies to all forms of course refunds.

Special provisions for private, couple lessons and in-company courses
For private, couple and in-company courses, the booked lessons can be arranged flexibly and directly with the teacher. The language school reserves the right to provide a teacher for the course within 14 days, this also applies in the case of teacher cancellation during the contract period. In these courses, the customer has the possibility to cancel an agreed appointment up to 24 hours before the lesson. This cancellation must be in writing or in another suitable form. In the event of a timely and reasonable cancellation, the teaching units will not be charged and a new date will be set. If the agreed appointment is cancelled later or not cancelled at all and the client is absent (for over 15 minutes), the lessons count as held and the customer is not entitled to compensation. The minimum number of lessons to be agreed (1 lesson = 45 minutes) per session is two, or 90 minutes. The booked course hours must be completed within one year from the date of registration. Should this period be exceeded, any remaining lessons expire. This does not entitle the customer to any claims, in particular a claim for reimbursement, as well as recouping lessons or a transfer of the lessons to third parties are excluded.

The language school assumes no liability for damage, accidents and injuries of course participants in or on the way to the language school in Bremen. Likewise, the language school assumes no liability for theft and damage to property within the language school in Bremen.
As of: 01.01.2021